Monday, February 7, 2011

Capture a screen image in GIMP

GIMP has a useful tool to capture a screen image so that you can edit it or just save it as a JPEG (xxx.JPG) file on your computer. Have the image you want to capture in a separate window where you can drag the cursor into the window. Then open the GIMP application and click on the pulldown tab FILE.

Click on CREATE and on the submenu click on SCREEN IMAGE.
Have both windows open and showing on your monitor so that you can work with both windows. You have to be able to see some "cross hairs or a large plus sign" in the small GIMP window. Keep that window where you can click on it.  The window you want to capture in GIMP should be next to it on the screen.  Drag the cross hairs from the GIMP window to the window you want to capture. Release the mouse and presto! You have the image in GIMP, ready top edit, save or whatever you want to do.


To save as a JPEG file, move your mouse over the FILE tab, click SAVE and select the file format, enter the file name and locate the folder you wish to receive the file in the submenu. Then save the file. Bingo!  

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